Thrive-4-Blacks is a not-for-profit organisation focused on advancing the education and empowerment of young people by providing support systems to build the next generation of leaders.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate and empower the Black community by providing the platform and support, especially for the younger generation, to thrive in the Society.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to live in a balanced Canadian society, where black kids thrive.

Our Purposes

●To advance the education of Canadians on the history and contributions of the black race in Canada in order to help members of the black community, especially the younger generation, understand and stay connected to their heritage.

● To advance the education of Black Canadian youths against social vices, by providing them with workshops, seminars and such other programs aimed at propagating good moral values.

● To advance the education of young black people by providing them with leadership & mentorship programs to better equip and prepare them for the future

● To advance the education of Canadians on the issues of racial bias and how it affects the black youth by the use of various forms of public awareness and enlightenment programs.

● To address and prevent the common challenges of integration and settlement faced by black immigrants by anchoring them to a support system, and providing a platform for them to meet, integrate, mentor, and support each other.

Team Members

Chinelo Iwegim

Secretary/Director of Administration

Gabriel Esu

Vice President / Director of Major Programs

Solomon Iwegim

President/Executive Director

Mary Esu

Treasurer / Director of Finance