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Learn to Cook selected Cuisine from Africa and the Caribbean

This is a Culinary Learning Platform for youths to have an Afro-Cultural Experience and promote Community Engagement.

master curlinary skills in days

The culinary festival is for youths from various ethnic backgrounds to participate in learning, understanding and preparing select cuisine from various parts of Africa & the Caribbean.


How about the parents? Wouldn't you like to have a taste of nice dishes made by your wards? This festival is all-inclusive.


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Dishes to be made

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Licenced Chefs


Days of Learning & Practice

African Cuisines

You get to cook all!

Nigerian Eguisi

Participants will not only learn the recipe but will get a professional guide on how to prepare.

Nigeria and Ghana Jolof

Have you heard of the Nigerian/Ghanaian Jolof wars? You will get to know which one tastes better as you cook.

Assorted Traditional fried Rice

Jolof is nice but the Traditional fried rice has been in existence long before jolof. This too, you will be in our menu


Nothing tastes better for breakfast than a well-fried/baked Akara. Wouldn't you like to know how it's made?

Caribbean Pumpkin Ginger Soup

Yo! The Caribbean Pumpkin Ginger Soup is one of the most satisfying, flavorful soup in the Caribbean. Wouldn't you like to have a taste?

Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup

This Jamaican soup is one of it's kind. Just as seen, all participants will learn the recipes and make the soup themselves under professional supervision.

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Join our diverse youth group as we come together to learn and master culinary skills, unlocking the vibrant tastes of Africa & the Caribbean.

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