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With the rapid pace of technological advancement and changing societal norms, parenting in the 21st century is now more complex than ever. The traditional approach of authoritarian parenting, in which parents make all the decisions for their children, is gradually giving way to a more nurturing and collaborative approach. On the basis of that premise, it has become increasingly important to raise children to be critical thinkers in order for them to effectively participate in decision-making. Teaching children about objectivity can help them make better decisions, understand different perspectives, and improve their relationships with others. By definition, while subjectivity means...

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Equal Entrepreneural Opportunities For Black Folks. Possible?

Introduction The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the black community. For decades, entrepreneurship was frowned upon by the older generation, who saw it as a tool of oppression for whites to control blacks. However, today’s black entrepreneurs are finding ever-increasing opportunities to start their own businesses. Black entrepreneurs are creative thinkers who have found new ways to succeed in this tough economic climate–often through starting their own businesses. Many African Americans wish to be self-employed. And for good reason too. A new study found that black entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed than their white counterparts. The study,...

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A Look At Black Education In Canada

Brief history of Canadian Blacks The history of Black education in Canada dates back as far as the mid-19th century. The first Black Canadians came to the country from the United States, England and Jamaica seeking better economic opportunities, but their contribution on Canadian society has been largely ignored by mainstream media and academia. While most of us are aware that slavery was abolished in Canada after Confederation, few realize that Black slaves were still working on plantations in Nova Scotia until 1834. In fact, for many years after abolition, Blacks continued to be regarded as inferior to whites and...

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Do Black kids deserve the same treatment as other races in Canada?

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the news about the treatment that black children are receiving when they go to school in Canada. There have been reports of teachers, administrators, and even janitors mistreating these children according to these children who have come forward with their stories. The question is whether or not it’s because of racist motives or if it’s just people not understanding how to properly talk to kids in whichever race they are. The article is going to be about the argument on whether black kids in Canada deserve to be treated better than...

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