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Blacks in Tech

Blacks in Tech: The Impacts and Future

When it comes to technological development and breakthrough in tech, blacks in Canada are the unsung heroes. Over the past years, blacks have made significant impacts and giant strides in science, engineering, and business in Canada. Despite the challenges faced which include racism and discrimination, blacks are constantly making an impact and unique contributions to...

Blacks in Canada

Blacks in Canada: A Community’s History, Struggles, Triumphs and the future

Canada is often regarded as a beacon of diversity and inclusion, but the reality for Black Canadians has been much different. From their arrival in the early 1600s to the present day, Black Canadians have faced numerous challenges, including slavery, segregation, and systemic racism. Despite these obstacles, the Black community in Canada has persevered and...

Black history month

Black History Month 2023

Welcome to February: The Black History Month! A Time to Celebrate and Remember the Contributions of Blacks in Canada. February marks the annual celebration of Black History Month in Canada. This month-long event is dedicated to recognizing the contributions and achievements of Black Canadians throughout history and raising awareness about their ongoing struggles for equality....